Control Unleashed Reactive To Relaxed

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Control Unleashed Reactive To Relaxed

Control Unleashed Reactive To Relaxed

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Thankfully there is a book that walks both instructors and dog owners through creative, positive, science-based methods for transforming dogs in an anxious, excitable state into one that is calm and in which they are able to focus and learn. Learn how to turn stress to confidence and distraction to focus using methods that are 110% positive. In this classic book, Dog Behaviour Consultant Leslie McDevitt provides us with a programme to help ‘dogs with issues’ learn how to relax, focus and work reliability off lead in a distracting, stimulating or stressful environment. McDevitt then moves on detail why sniffing is not a crime, as well as how to teach the dog to think through his arousal using the Off Switch game.

With all the baggage my dog has got - I love him dearly for who he is and the exercises are just starting to make his life a lot easier then before.

I have long wondered if this is necessary or even desirable but dared not question such a bedrock principle in training, especially without being able to propose an alternative. Whether you’re training a challenging dog on your own, an instructor trying to figure out how to help dogs in your classes, or an instructor who wants to design a special program just for stressed out dogs, this book is for you. My problem with the book was that in the middle of a discussion on training methods and terms used in the discussion, the book referrers to future chapters for a detailed discussion of the method and/or terms.

They've helped my Patterdale terrier with her focus and self control generally and that's beginning to have affect when we do agility. So I would probably have bought this book when it first came out if I'd read the whole summary and stuff.

She uses many of the principles professional dog trainers are all familiar with in CU: Learning to read your dog’s signs of stress; Conditioning a relaxation response so the dog can think; Working with dogs prior to reaching a threshold of arousal; Finding the point at which each dog can work and learn; Reframing the picture so the dog sees what has been anxiety provoking as safe; and Using the Premack Principle to create attention and focus on the owner. Later I heard this handler "had a little talk with his dogs, behind a trailer before entering a ring. Letting the dog make choices and actively participate not only gives the dog control over his own learning, but it also establishes trust and fosters a spirit of communication. Since 2007, when Control Unleashed: Creating a Focused and Confident Dog was first published, the science—and the art—of Control Unleashed® has been guiding handlers all over the world as they help their "dogs with issues" learn how to relax, focus, and work off-leash reliably in stimulating or stressful situations. We are being very patient and it is not easy to always work sub-threshold but when I see that my dog feels a lot better with learning to cope with his triggers rather than having to focus his attention on me most of the time, I feel better too because I know that we will be able to manage his reactivity.

In chapter three, McDevitt mentions how to prepare for the Control Unleashed programme, and also stresses the importance of getting connected with your dog first, sharing some tips on how to do this. Dog owners look to us to keep them safe, ensure an environment conducive to learning and use our special knowledge and skills to handle the out of control dog that threatens to disrupt class. We are slowly working ourselves through the CU program and I hope that the exercises will continue to help (me and) my dog to be able to cope with the world around him. Many of us inwardly cringe on that first night of class when a reactive dog comes through the door barking, lunging and displaying other behavior indicative of a dog that is out of control.McDevitt next covers some leash exercises designed to change your dog’s perceptions that being let loose is not a ticket for him to run off. In chapter six, McDevitt works on increasing both enthusiasm and focus in a distracting environment, by teaching the Give Me A Break game, a simple and powerful way to increase the dog’s attention and eagerness to work with you.

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